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.NET applications

Microsoft .NET helps get the most out of the existing technology investments, while creating new ways to implement powerful, cost-effective information technology. It meets future needs providing the flexibility and scalability.

This helps organizations to connect their existing IT systems and build a foundation for the next wave of computer technology.

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages)

ASP.NET is a web development technology from Microsoft.
Part of the .NET Framework, ASP.NET allows Maxland to build dynamic web applications and web services.

Maxland web developers, develop very compelling applications using ASP.NET in combination with MS SQL database server.


Using the above technology, Maxland converts existing or develops new exiting mobile web applications.


Magento is a new generation and most versatile E-commerce solution.

You control every facet of the store, from merchandising to promotions. Magento great user experience attracts more visitors and converts visitors into customers.

It gives greater flexibility to the Magento developers to achieve greatest level of customization.

Maxland has Magento customization developers standing ready to deliver best results.


Joomla is an awesome CMS (Content Management System) to develop websites Or online applications. Easy to hand Because it’s content to management to develop a Website or Online Applications is very simple and cool.

Currently joomla has working versions are Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Using Dialogic PCI telephony boards with support for voice, fax and software-based speech recognition processing in a single PCI slot.

Maxland builds auto dialer, voice mail or other business processed voice applications. If you are in need of custom IVR applications for 4 or 240 lines? Just mail Maxland.


Android is a mobile operating system and has unbelievable features that have been highly successful.

Maxland’s Android development focus areas are custom android application development, games development in android, multimedia development in android, android enterprise application development, android application maintenance and upgrade.


Now you can incorporate Skype into your business process. Maxland provides the facility to create Skype-related software based on your unique ideas and needs. Maxland meets your Skype development needs ever if you only have a rough idea, an impression or a short problem depiction.

Facebook Api

Facebook Platform enables you to make your website more social. You can use our Social Plug-in, such as the Like Button to drive user engagement with a single line of HTML. Our Login Button and Registration Plug-in let you simplify or eliminate your own user registration and sign-in. Lastly, the Graph API lets you access the full social graph of a given user, allowing you to create a truly deep personal experience.

To find out more about how Maxland can help you ensure project success, just drop an E-mail to Maxland.